I require a CPAP machine, what can I do about power overnight?

If you require overnight power for an appliance such as a CPAP machine we highly recommend purchasing a battery pack which can be charged during the day while the motor is running via the 12V cigarette lighter or 220V plug.  … Read More

Is it possible to go fishing on charter?

Yes, you can fish off the side of the boat. If you let us know ahead of time we can generally provide you with a basic fishing rod and tackle box.  Fishing on our charters is something we offer as … Read More

What do I need to rent a car, scooter or ATV in Greece?

Recent law changes have made it more difficult for a US citizen to rent vehicles in Greece.  Many places are now requiring you have an IDP (International Drivers Permit).  While some smaller rental places may not require this license, we … Read More

When I book a trip who will my skipper and/or hostess be?

We only work with a small number of Greek skippers and hostesses who meet our strict standards on sailing ability, local knowledge and friendliness.  We understand that having a fantastic skipper/hostess who know the islands, food and culture is a … Read More

What happens on Friday night after we return to the marina?

All of our charters return to Alimos marina on Friday afternoon.  The exact time is fairly flexible and depends on what time you leave the final island that Friday morning.  If you have a flight on Friday, just let your … Read More

What can we do in Athens if we have a day or two before our trip?

There are plenty if fantastic museums to visit, however in order to get a real understanding of Athens we recommend walking the streets of the city and visiting some of these sites: Spend an afternoon visiting the famous world heritage … Read More

How is the exchange rate determined for payment?

We use the company OFX to get the best possible EUR/USD rate. It’s important to note that the published rate you see online or in newspapers is often the interbank rate (the bank to bank exchange rate).  This is the … Read More

What kind of weather can I expect while in Greece?

The sailing season in Greece runs from late March through October, with prices as well as the tourist crowds peaking in August. The chart below will give you a good idea of average air and water temperatures each month of … Read More

How are island activities and excursions planned?

There are a wide range of activities on the islands from horseback riding to ATV rentals to scuba diving. Activities do not need to be arranged before you arrive in Greece.  However, we recommend speaking to the captain when you … Read More

What marina do the yachts depart from and how do I get there?

Unless otherwise stated, our yachts are all located at Alimos Marina which is located about 15 min from central Athens and 45 min from the Athens International Airport. From either the airport or central Athens we recommend taking a taxi … Read More