There are a wide array of sightseeing tours offered in Athens. We are happy to offer you a few recommendations:

  1. Our transportation partner, Hellenic Explorer, which is owned by Kostas Dimitrelis, offers guided tours of the city for differing time frames. Your driver Kostas will drive to the best historical landmarks and you’ll be joined in the van by a professional guide who will go into more detail and even take you up to the Acropolis if it’s available and you have time. *You’ll get the best possible price if you mention you’re sailing with Greek Seas
  2. This is a great walking tour that is run by a friend of one of our skippers Yiannis Asteridis (don’t forget to mention his name and our company when booking): Big Olive Tours.
  3. If you’re interested in a bike tour, Athens by Bike is a great option.