Our catamarans are based in Athens, offering guests a variety of sailing options and convenient international access via the Athens airport. While the Cyclades route is possible, it demands optimal conditions due to long sailing times, strong winds, and potentially rough seas. Hence, we often recommend the Saronic route, known for its beautiful islands, shorter sailing times, and generally smoother seas. It’s important to note that visiting Santorini is impractical due to the distance, and the chance to visit Mykonos isn’t guaranteed due to likely high winds.

However, understanding that some clients wish to explore these renowned islands or other authentic and budget-friendly Cycladic or Dodocenese ones (such as Crete, Rhodes, Naxos, Ios, etc) we suggest planning a separate visit before or after your charter. Convenient transportation options, such as fast ferries (Piraeus ferry port is 15 minutes from our port) or short, inexpensive flights from Athens, make it feasible. If interested, we’re happy to provide advice on planning this part of your trip.