If you would like to skip the trip to the supermarket ask your Greek Seas representative about including a starter pack.

If you do go to the supermarket you’ll just need to pick up enough items to get you started for the week.  The islands have very nice markets that are also more affordable.

Here is a list of items that we recommend you pick up:

Cooking/cleaning essentials: Dish soap, sponges, toilet paper, paper towels, milk, and olive oil if you plan on cooking.

Water: The bottled water in Greece is inexpensive and comes in large bottles. Because of the high temperatures and you will need a lot of water. You will also very likely need to restock your bottled water supply a couple of times throughout your trip. We recommend at least one large bottle per person per day. Most passengers buy enough for the captain as well as a courtesy.

Snacks: Fruit, chips, crackers, cheese are all great for snacking while you sail.

Items for lunch: Most customers like to buy ingredients to make sandwiches. There is a stove on the yacht so you can make warm lunches as well.

Alcohol: The supermarket has plenty of beer and wine (at a good price) for you to stock up on.

Ice: Bags of ice can be purchased at the marina. Ask your skipper about where and how much you will need prior to departing. Some yachts require ice to keep the icebox cold. You will also be able to purchase additional ice during your journey.

After you pay for your items, tell them you would like them to be delivered to Alimos marina and tell them the pier number and the name of the yacht. This is a free service.