Our captains (who all live in/near Athens) have put together this list of their favorite restaurants, coffee places and street food in Athens.  The list includes a range of price points, tastes and flavors.  The comments below are personal descriptions from our captains.

    • Good seafood restaurants are difficult to find in the center of Athens
    • Souvlaki places are generally very good everywhere.
    • You may need to make reservation at some restaurants, especially if it is Friday or Saturday.
    • Most restaurants accept credit cards.
Black Sheep –  Very nice restaurant in the area of Pagrati, which is a 20min walk from the center and very close to Kalimarmaro Stadium (where the first modern olympic games opening/closing ceremonies were held).  You’ll also find some nice bars nearby.
The Canteen of Karagiorgi ServiasA cool, fairly secret restaurant located in a roof top of a building in Syntaga square. Authentic meat balls, french potatoes, greek salad, 15 tables…. Open only during day time.
Kiki de Grece–   A small bistro in the center of Athens. Very nice food.
Tzitzikas and Mermigas In the center of Athens (Syntagma Square). One of the oldest restaurants. A lot of tourists but the food is still good.\
L’Abreuvoir Very nice, cosy, French restaurant.  It is expensive, but perfect for a romantic honeymoon date.
Dexameni Located just under King George Hotel.  Its nice during the summer because of the small tables in the sloped pedestrian road. Few plates, casual, mostly for beer and only for dinner (its too hot during the day time).
HyrtaNice restaurant with a view to Acropolis. A little bit expensive.

Baba GhanoushTerrific falafel – the best in Athens. Located in the Pagrati neighborhood of Athens.
Klepsidra CafeOutside dining only. It’s similar to “Dexameni”, but just under Acropolis in Plaka. Nice atmosphere, with great local meals.
Yiasemi Very cosy coffee and breakfast place in Plaka.  It has different types of pita and sweets every day.  Highly recommended.
Miran DeliSomething different than any other place. The paradise of traditional greek cold-cuts, cheese and olives. Near Monastiraki. Open only during day time.