● Luggage: If possible, we recommend using small or easily collapsible luggage. Carry-on bags or duffel bags are ideal. It will save a lot of space if your bag can be tucked away in your cabin. Large (hard) luggage may take up extra space in your cabin, especially if there are multiple bags. Here is an example of an ideal travel bag (28 or 35 inches are fine) that you can check on your flight. It has lots of room, rollers, and can fit in storage. *Note: this is just a suggestion to save you space. There is some extra storage in the front of the boat, so there shouldn’t be a problem fitting luggage, it just frees up more space if you’re able to pack bags that collapse or are a bit smaller (ideally anything but extra large hard luggage).

● Clothing: In addition to what you’d typically pack for a vacation, we recommend our guests bring a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater. Even during warm months, the winds can make it feel cooler while you’re at sea. We also ask that clients take off their shoes when boarding the yacht to prevent marks and damage. There are boat/water shoes that are acceptable with white soles. Additionally, if you plan to explore some of the uninhabited islands while anchored in a cove, water shoes are nice to have because there are occasionally sea urchins on the rocks.

● Towels: Bath and beach towels are provided on every trip. You can also easily purchase additional towels on the islands if you require extra.

● Personal Hygiene Products: We aren’t able to include personal hygiene products such as soap and shampoo, so we recommend bringing your own or purchasing at a market near the marina or in Athens. *It’s also important to note that bar soap is not allowed on board because of issues it causes with the pump system, so we recommend bringing liquid body soap. Thank you for understanding!

● Power/Charging: The yachts will have USB charging available (at all times) as well as a southern European outlet which can be used when the engine or generator is running or the boat is connected to shore power. We generally have a few extra US adaptors on the boat, however, it’s not a bad idea to bring an adaptor, especially if you’re planning to stay in a hotel before or after your charter. Here is an example of a simple Type C adaptor.

● Scooter/ATV rental: Recent changes to Greek law require an international license when renting scooters and ATVs. To get an international license, you’ll want to visit a AAA office and pay a $20 fee. You can read more here.

● Gratuity for Crew: There isn’t a specific gratuity amount that your crew expects, they understand it depends on many different conditions. However, we found it helpful to provide some basic guidelines/recommendations for tipping at the end of your charter. You can find more information on our faq page.

● Passport: This might be obvious, but it can’t hurt to double and triple-check that you packed your passport and that it hasn’t expired. Please note that for travel to Greece, your Passport expiry date must be later than 3 months from the date of your arrival in Greece.