Santorini is an incredibly beautiful and unique island, however, it is best experienced by staying in one of its amazing villas on the cliffside overlooking the Aegean. We’ve also found that past guests believe one or two nights is plenty of time to see everything the island has to offer. In addition to its incredible views, the island does have nice restaurants, shopping, and wineries. A couple of things to keep in mind is that is it very expensive compared to the islands you’ll visit on charter (3 or more times higher). There are also not any swimmable beaches and the island can get very crowded in the afternoons when the cruise ships dock.

How to visit Santorini: As far as sailing goes, the island is also too far from Athens to visit on a one-week charter (and also not an ideal island to visit via sailboat, because of its marina location). However, there are some great options for our guests who would like to visit Santorini while in Greece. It is very easy to arrange to spend a few extra days in Santorini before or after your charter. You have the option of either taking a 4-5hr ferry (the ferry port of Piraeus is only 15 min from our port) or a short flight (45 min) from Athens to Santorini. 

*If you’re interested in this option, Just let us know and we’re happy to give you some advice on planning this aspect of your trip as well as recommend the best areas and places to stay and visit while you’re there.