Sailing from Athens to Santorini or Mykonos is not possible on our charters.

Our catamarans are based in Athens because it gives guests the most options for sailing routes and is much easier to fly in and out of internationally.

We do offer the Cyclades route as an option, but it requires perfect conditions because of the long sailing times and possible rough seas. This is one reason we usually recommend sailing the Saronic route, which has beautiful islands and ports as well as shorter sailing times and generally calmer seas.

Even in perfect wind and weather, catamarans have a top speed of around 13 knots (nautical mph). As a result, sailing routes are not only limited by the weather but also the distance between islands.

Santorini is simply too far from Athens to reach during a one-week charter. Additionally, it’s not an ideal island to visit via sailboat because the port is 45 minutes from the main town.

Mykonos is also a very difficult to reach via sailboat from Athens because of the high winds surrounding it, the distance from other islands, and the long journey from the marina from the main town.

That being said, we understand some guests want to visit these internationally famous islands. The best way to visit them is before or after your charter by taking a ferry (the ferry port is only 15 minutes from our port) or short flight from Athens to Mykonos or Santorini. Just let us know if you’re interested in this option, and we’re happy to give you some advice on planning this aspect of your trip.