Our standard departure schedule is for you to set sail from Athens on Sunday morning and return to the marina in Athens on the following Friday afternoon/late afternoon. We also offer the option to board and disembark on Saturday so that our guests have a place to stay prior to and after the charter. Standard boarding is anytime after 5pm onn Saturday and disembarkation/check out is 9am the following Saturday. So you can sleep on the boat in the Athens port for those two nights if you would like.

Our weekly charter schedule is driven by Greece’s brief 28-week sailing season, resulting in consistent bookings and convenience for our guests. Saturdays serve as an intensive cleaning and changeover day for our catamarans, a standard practice among Greek charter companies. While departure and return schedules can’t be highly flexible due to quality and safety concerns, we offer our clients the option to sleep aboard the catamaran in port on Saturday night before departure on Sunday and Friday night before checkout on Saturday, providing 7 nights on the boat.

Our team, along with maintenance, laundry, and cleaning crews, dedicates Saturdays to thorough cleaning, provisioning, and boat preparation, including underwater checks by divers. This is why the yacht must return to Athens by late Friday afternoon, with a check-out time of 9 am on Saturday.

A quick note on the reason we depart on Sunday morning. We have found that leaving on Sunday enhances the client and crew experience without sacrificing island and sailing time. Attempting to depart on Saturday evening added pressure on the crew, hindering proper yacht setup. Moreover, nighttime departures resulted in anchoring in coves without time for the hostess to prepare a proper meal.

The location of our yachs in Athens, Zea Marina, provides a clean and safe environment with nearby shops and restaurants, including one of our favcorites, Belle Amie. The additional time in port allows you the chance to explore the nearby area and Athens.