When you book a hostess we generally recommend pre-paying a budget of €150 per person.  For some charters you may have already paid this, contact your Greek Seas representative if you have any questions.

How the provision budget works

Prior to your charter we will send you a form where you can let us know if you have any food/drink preferences as well as any food allergies the hostess needs to know about.   The hostess has a variety of Greek and Mediterranean dishes that they will prepare for you during your journey.  They’ll have some initial items stocked on the yacht when you arrive and they can pick up additional items on the islands (as they get to know your preferences better).

Generally, this should cover food and drink costs for the week. It is not a problem if you do happen to go over budget; the hostess keeps track of spending and if the balance is low they will let you know that additional funds are needed.

Note: Dinners are not included because we recommend dining out at one of the incredible local restaurants on the islands (the captain will be happy to recommend places).

You can also choose to go shopping with the hostess upon arrival in Greece.