The weather and winds play a crucial role in the islands you’ll visit during your charter. This is the main reason we mention that it’s not possible to plan your route prior to arriving in Athens. When you board your boat in Athens, we recommend speaking with your captain and letting him know which type of islands you’re looking to visit (ie: are you interested in visiting less touristy/relaxed islands, or is nightlife important? There are also specific islands that feature certain activities, such as hiking, diving, horseback riding, shopping, visiting historical sites, etc). We understand that each of our guests is unique and the captain will do his best to take you to the islands that are ideal for your specific preferences.

Our most popular and most traveled route is the Saronic Gulf islands and ports. The Saronic route features incredibly beautiful islands which include a range of different ports. Some islands feature a mix of colorful architecture, typical blue/white buildings, as well as marbled castle towns) islands, with shorter sail times and generally calmer seas. The other route option is the Cyclades islands which also includes stunning and unique ports, however, this option does require longer sailing times and possibly rougher seas. There is also the possibility that the Cyclades route won’t be possible because of the potential impact of strong Meltemi winds, particularly between June and August. These winds can be so forceful during this period, with speeds over 40mph and waves reaching 15-20ft, that safely navigating the Cyclades may not be feasible. That doesn’t mean you aren’t able to sail the Cyclades route, we just like to be upfront with our guests about the possibility that it may not be an option if the captain determines it isn’t safe to sail.

If you are interested in ensuring that you visit a Cycladic island we recommend our guests consider taking a ferry at the beginning or end of their charter. The ferry port is only 15 minutes from the marina. From there you can hop on a high-speed ferry and in a few hours (sometimes a bit longer) you can visit beautiful islands such as Sifnos, Paros, Serifos, Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos, etc. Flights are also an inexpensive option if you’d like to visit islands that are farther away like Rhodes, Crete, etc. We’re happy to give you advice on planning this aspect of your trip!