Your hostess will be your culinary guide to the Greek islands for the week. She will serve breakfast each morning which will generally be an assortment of pastries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, cheese, bread, etc. 

The featured meal will be a delicious multi-course lunch consisting of authentic Greek/Mediterranean dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from the islands.  

She will also keep the yacht stocked with an assortment of snacks and beverages. This includes bottled water, fruit, an assortment of snacks as well as a selection of beverages tailored to your preference which may include juices, soda, coffee, and tea. 

We have a provision request form that we send out prior to your trip where you can inform us about any dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences in your group. Our hostesses have no problem preparing meals that fit any restrictions or allergies as long as they know beforehand.

Your hostess will take care of grocery shopping in Athens so there will be provisions onboard when you arrive on your yacht. While on charter, if you have any specific requests just let the hostess know and as long as the item is available she will pick them up at the markets on the islands. Note: dinners are not included because we recommend dining out at one of the incredible local restaurants on the islands (the captain/hostess will be happy to recommend places).

Alcoholic beverages

We will also happily provide a reasonable amount of complimentary Greek lager beer and quality Greek house wine (white, Rose, and/or Red) to enjoy with lunch as well as happy hour (you won’t need drinks for dinner since it will be on the islands). Please let us know your preferences if possible.
While we don’t include liquor and high-end wine (Greek house wine is very good) in half-board, you are welcome to bring on board anything you’d like.  Additionally, our provision request form includes a menu of alcohol and high-end wines you can purchase and have stocked prior to your arrival. Note: Mixers such as soda water, tonic, juices, etc. are included free of charge, just let us know on your request sheet.