Our crew members are dedicated to making your sailing experience in Greece memorable and enjoyable. Tipping them at the end of the charter is a great way to give recognition and appreciation for their efforts. Tipping is a common practice in the charter vacation culture of Greece, where it reflects your satisfaction with the quality of work. The crew knows each guest is unique so the exact amount is not as important as the gesture itself. 

The suggested top amount can depend on the size of your group, crew size, trip length, etc.  However, we know it helps to know the standards for charter sailing in Greece.  *It’s important to note that the total trip amount referred to below is based on the total boat and crew cost. You are not expected to tip on the extras Greek Seas includes in your charter price, such as provisions, fuel, cleaning, and marina fees. 

*These fees generally make up about 10% of the total charter price if provisions are included and 5% if they aren’t included.  You can subtract this amount from the trip total.

**Keep in mind that the below amounts are simply the standard suggested amount in Greece

  • Charters with both a captain and a hostess: ~20% of the charter price. This is the total amount that will be divided evenly between the captain and the hostess. 
  • Charters with only a captain: ~15% of the charter price. *If you booked a captain-only charter without a hostess, you may also want to offer some snacks and/or lunch to the captain during the trip. They often sail all day and have little time to prepare their own food.

When/How to Tip: The best way to tip the crew is to hand the captain cash at the end of the charter.  However, we know that you may not want or be able to carry that much cash. So we do accept tipping electronically.  You’re welcome to send us a tip via Zelle (austin@greekseas.com) or Venmo (@austinmartin [-1705 confirm]). You can also email us for more options.