The Cyclades are some of the most famous and visited islands in Greece. They offer visitors the choice to experience the crazy, the quiet, the famous, the historic, the beautiful and the exotic. Its architecture is instantly recognizable with cobblestone streets and blue and white buildings

Because of the possibility of rough seas, we are only able to offer these routes from Athens if the weather permits. Your captain will have an accurate forecast when you arrive and will make the final decision. Safety is our number one consideration.


Sailing Time Between Islands
3-6 Hours

Winds & Sea Conditions
Occasional Rough Seas



Breathtaking views from rooftop bar in Serifos

Lounge in natural hot springs along the beach in Kythnos

Swim & snorkel right from your yacht in Paros


Example Itinerary (?)

  • Day 1

    Board Your Yacht in Athens and Sail to Kea

  • Day 2


  • Day 3


  • Day 4


  • Day 5


  • Day 6


  • Day 7

    Return to Athens

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The islands we visited in the Cyclades are what you call the off-the-beaten path islands, here you get a real sense of the traditional food and way of life. The other big bonus is that everything is so much cheaper than the touristy Islands like Santorini.
GabyinCATripAdvisor Review
We were admittedly naive about our desired route - our captain (Yiannis!!!!!) was so tactful and polite about properly setting our expectations - wind and weather will decide most things. We Visited Aegina, Kythnos, Syros, took a ferry to Mykonos, a different (and isolated/pristine) side of Kythnos, and Poros. Each was amazing not in small part due to the advice, direction, and often the company of our captain.
Smhopps31TripAdvisor Review