Do the yachts have air conditioning?

During the evenings in Greece the temperature generally drops to a comfortable temperature and there are cool breezes coming off the water. As a result, most nights you can open the port windows and turn on the fans in the cabins without any need for air conditioning. However, sometimes there are heat waves during the…

Do I need to know how to sail?

Nope. Your highly-trained, knowledgeable captain has all skills and know-how to handle all of the sailing.  However, they will occasionally need some assistance from a passenger with raising/lowering a sail and while anchoring in the ports.  If you have hired a hostess or deckhand no assistance will be required.

Do I need to help sail the yacht?

Your skilled and experienced captain will navigate and sail the yacht, however they will occasionally need some assistance from a passenger with raising a sail and while anchoring in the ports.  If you have hired a hostess or deckhand no assistance will be required.

Can we sail to Santorini or Mykonos?

Sailing from Athens to Santorini or Mykonos is not possible on our charters. Our catamarans are based in Athens because it gives guests the most options for sailing routes and is much easier to fly in and out of internationally. We do offer the Cyclades route as an option, but it requires perfect conditions because…

Are there power outlets on the boat?

Lagoon 380, Lagoon 450 and Saona 47: These yachts all have an inverter which allows for a 220V plug that can accommodate items up to 350 Watts. There are plugs in each cabin, but you’ll need to bring a standard Southern European outlet adapter like this one. We may have some on board, but it’s good to…

Are there hair dryers on the yachts?

While our yachts don’t have hair dryers because of lack of storage, you are welcome to bring your own and use them as long the captain says it is ok. This is because there are two situations where there is enough power for them to work: 1. When the boat is plugged into shore power…

Are there ATMs or banks?

Most islands have ATM’s and many restaurants accept credit card.  However,  on some of the small islands, it can be difficult to use credit card or find an ATM. We do recommend taking cash out while in Athens (the airport is the easiest location).

Are children welcome?

Of course! Charter sailing is a perfect family vacation. It provides the perfect mix of adventure, activities, and relaxation. We do recommend children are old enough to swim for safety reasons.