Experienced Skippers

All of our trips include a friendly, experienced, English-speaking, Greek skipper who will navigate the boat, and more importantly serve as a knowledgeable guide to the ins-and-outs of each island.

Local Experts

If you’d like, they can suggest unique stores, beaches, historical sites, restaurants, and bars that are usually known only to locals and frequent visitors.

Skilled Hostesses

If your trip includes a Hostess, they’ll handle all of the grocery shopping and prepare daily breakfast and lunch.

Trips with hostesses will be stocked with a variety of beverages (including water, wine and beer), fresh fruit, coffee, bread, and snacks when you arrive. We’ll work with you before your trip to discuss any specific food/drink preferences or allergies.

Captains & Hostesses

You have the option to add a hostess to trips aboard our Oceanis 40 or Lagoon 380. However, our Saona 47 and Lagoon 450 are quite large and require a hostess to assist the captain with sailing and docking.

Both the skipper and hostess will certainly speak English. They will be happy to answer all your questions in regards to Greek food, culture, history, etc. They will also assist your party in choosing restaurants and ordering local specialties if you would like them to accompany you to dinner in the evenings.

If you think you crew did a great job we recommend tipping them at the end of the charter. They work hard to make your trip unforgettable and they will really appreciate it. There is no standard amount and recommendations vary depending on the size of your group and the yacht.  As a guide, the average tip is usually around €100 per passenger for a skippered charter and €150 per passenger for a skipper/hostess charter.  This is just a suggestion and in no way required.

On charters without a hostess, it is also a nice gesture of courtesy to offer the skipper snacks and some lunch during the week.  This is a minimal cost to you and they are often sailing all day won’t have time to prepare lunch on their own.

Your Greek hostess will assist the captain as well as prepare breakfasts and lunches. They will also do their best to keep the yacht tidy throughout the week. Note: Dinners are not included because we recommend dining out at one of the incredible local restaurants on the islands (the captain will be happy to recommend places).

When you book a hostess we generally recommend pre-paying a budget of €150 per person.  For some charters you may have already paid this, contact your Greek Seas representative if you have any questions.

How the provision budget works

Prior to your charter we will send you a form where you can let us know if you have any food/drink preferences as well as any food allergies the hostess needs to know about.   The hostess has a variety of Greek and Mediterranean dishes that they will prepare for you during your journey.  They’ll have some initial items stocked on the yacht when you arrive and they can pick up additional items on the islands (as they get to know your preferences better).

Generally, this should cover food and drink costs for the week. It is not a problem if you do happen to go over budget; the hostess keeps track of spending and if the balance is low they will let you know that additional funds are needed.

Note: Dinners are not included because we recommend dining out at one of the incredible local restaurants on the islands (the captain will be happy to recommend places).

You can also choose to go shopping with the hostess upon arrival in Greece.

The number one priority of your experienced and knowledgeable Greek captain is to ensure your safety while sailing the Greek islands, so it is very important to understand that any route decisions are based on this principle.

Their next priority is to help you have the best possible vacation.  We find that guests who interact with their skipper while on charter have the best overall experience.   Don’t hesitate to ask questions if would like to learn more about sailing, history, or various activities on Greek islands.  You’re also welcome to invite them out to dinner on one of your first few evenings.  It’s a great way to get to know them better and they’ll likely know the best local menu items on each island.

Generally the skipper will sleep in one of the available cabins. On smaller catamarans this would be one of the standard rooms, while some larger yachts have specific skipper cabins. If you have any questions about this, just let us know.

We only work with a small number of Greek skippers and hostesses who meet our strict standards on sailing ability, local knowledge and friendliness.  We understand that having a fantastic skipper/hostess who know the islands, food and culture is a crucial part of your overall charter sailing experience.

We schedule the skipper/hostess a few months prior to your trip when we know the full booking slate for that week.  If you have a preferred skipper/hostess we’ll do our best to accommodate your request but there are certain weeks they may be unavailable or pre-booked on another trip.

Meet Our Hostesses


“And Mary put her love of food and cooking into every meal. Each lunch was 5-star with – we all agreed – some of the best meals we had ever had. Mary shops each morning for the freshest foods, the local specialties and manages to put the most delicious and gorgeous dishes on the table.”
– Laurie W

Mary was born in Athens, studied English in London, and has been working with Greek Seas for over 10 years. Our guests rave about her amazing meals and drinks, as well has her cultural knowledge of the islands. She speaks English, Greek, Italian and German.


“Anna provided great food worked tirelessly to please adults and kids. Anna and Kiriakos were really a big part of the trip, and it was really special to spend time with these wonderful people”
– Taoist13

Meet Our Skippers


“The Skipper and his wife/hostess (Kosta and Mary) were simply the best. Kostas’ knowledge of sailing and the various islands was incredible”
– TommyTony11

Kostas began sailing at the young age of 14, but it was his dream since he was 9yrs old. At the age of 18 he attained his offshore sailing skippers license. A year later Kostas joined the Greek Merchant Navy Academy as a deck cadet, where he was trained in navigation, meteorology, safety issues and more.

Since 1999, Kostas has worked as a full time skipper, sailing thousands of miles a year in charter and deliveries in Greece, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.  When you sail with him you’ll notice that he seemingly knows tons of people on every island and is able to make all kinds of arrangements for activities, dinners, excursions, etc.   He is known for his kind demeanor and his willingness to share with you the secrets and pleasure of yachting and the unmatched beauty of Greece. His favorite place to sail is Cyclades.


“It was truly one of the most brilliant weeks of our lives. Captain “K” was awesome.”
– jkjolly1

Kiriakos was born in the island of Ikaria. Because the island of Ikaria is surrounded by rough and high seas, many citizens were raised to be sailors. His father was a captain on cargo ships who often took Kiriakos on big trips around the world when he was a child..

He took to sailing at a very young age, soon started to captain sailing boats in races and charter trips. He has owned a boat for many years which has been one of his prize possessions.

His favorite island is the island from which he was born, Ikaria, but he loves the entire the Aegean. When the season is over, if he is not sailing in international waters, you will probably find him racing his own boat in a local regatta.

Yiannis A.

“Each island was amazing not in small part due to the advice, direction, and often the company of our captain (Yiannis!!!!!)”
– smhopps31

Yiannis was born on the beautiful island of Paros in the Cyclades.  He’s been sailing the Greek isles since he as far back as he can remember.  His impressive sailing ability is complemented by a laid back demeanor and friendly face, making him a perfect captain for charters.  He also prides himself on knowing the best restaurants, bars and beaches on many of the smaller Greek Islands.

Yiannis P.

“We spent a delightful week with Yiannis. The sailing was exquisite and the Captain spent time teaching each of us to man the helm.”
– Lanahtravel

Yiannis P. is half-Athenian & half-Cretan and, as everyone is in Greece, is very proud of where he’s from.

He’s been sailing since he completed his military service – first with friends, in sailing races, and transferring yachts around Greece, and then as a charter sailing captain. While most refer to passengers as ‘customers’, he likes to think of them as ‘co-sailors’.

When he’s not sailing he enjoys playing music – he says both help keep your spirit free.