Standard boarding time is on Saturday at 5PM.  We usually recommend arriving at the marina between 3-5pm.

Prior to that time the skipper will be busy preparing the yacht for your journey.  However if you do need to arrive early we partner with a service that can store your luggage while you explore the marina, grab some food, or just relax without having to drag your luggage around with you.

The boat will arrive back in the marina the following Friday afternoon (the exact time depends on which island you are coming from and what time you depart).

You are welcome to sleep on the yacht that night in port and checkout is at 9am on Saturday, so that the boat can be cleaned and prepped for the next charter that afternoon.

*If you do need to be back in Athens on Friday by a specific time (for a flight or ferry), just let the captain know and he will make sure you’re back in time.