We are able to offer wifi on many of our yachts, however if you require wifi please let your Greek Seas representative know so that we can verify that it is available. wifi:

The wifi works via a hotspot connected to the 4G mobile network.  Data can be purchased in 2GB increments. If available, Greek Seas will provide a complimentary 2GB.
If you need additional data that shouldn’t be a problem, just ask your captain.
It is easy to purchase additional data.  You’ll just need to purchase an access code (which you enter online) for more data.  They sell these passes/codes in most markets on the islands and they cost around €10-20 (for 2GB). The skipper can tell you exactly where and how you can purchase them.

We highly recommend turning off all auto updates on phones and computers, this tends to use up data very quickly. Sending photos and streaming also uses up a lot of data. We mention this because people are usually very surprised when the 2 GB is used up in a few days.

One more thing to note is that you’ll have full mobile service while sailing, so check with your home provider because many of them allow for a fairly cheap international plan.