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Greek Seas offers you the choice of two different sailing vessels, both of which are very popular in the Greek Islands. Here is a helpful guide which explains some of the basic differences for the travelers who are new to sailing:



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Saloon/cabin layout

The defining characteristic of a catamaran is its two hull design, which makes this yacht it both wider and shorter than a monohull yacht.  The cabins are located in the hulls (generally two per hull), while the saloon can be found in the area between the hulls.  One great benefit of a catamaran is that the saloon is above the water line which allows for more natural light.  You’ll be able to prepare meals and relax inside at deck level.


The catamaran has limited heeling which results in a more stable experience while sailing.  In fact, during normal sailing conditions it is possible to leave a glass of water on the saloon table without it spilling.


The netting on the front of the catamaran provides a perfect area for relaxing in the sun and enjoying the scenery.  As a result of its rectangular layout the catamaran provides an abundant amount of space for lounging on deck.


We offer catamarans between 38-47 feet.  The rectangle shape, means that these yachts are very spacious and roomy.  The only constraint is that even the largest catamarans have only 4 cabins (plus skipper cabins).  The maximum size for a charter is 8 passengers + a skipper.


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Saloon/cabin layout

The saloon and cabins are all located below deck on a monohull.  The middle of the yacht houses the saloon which includes the kitchen, a dining room table, and captains desk.  The cabins and WC are usually found fore and aft.


The experience of sailing in a monohull is unlike anything else.  As the wind catches the sails the yacht will begin to tilt (known as heel), it’s a thrilling experience as the sailboat picks up speed heels at a 10-20 degree angle.  These are the great vessels for sailing purists as well as adventurous travelers.


We offer monohull sailboats between 36-52 feet.   The monohull allows for creative layouts, which means that the larger versions can fit up to 10 passengers + a skipper comfortably.