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Let one of our professional hostesses handle the cooking and cleaning so you don’t have to. They’ll prepare delicious, authentic, Greek dishes and will keep the yacht tidy throughout the week.

One of our hostesses, Mary, was born in Athens, studied English in London, and has been working with Greek Seas for over 10 years. Our guests rave about her amazing meals and drinks, as well has her cultural knowledge of the islands. She speaks English, Greek, Italian and German.

Your hostess will prepare any food and drinks that you purchase in Athens or on any of the islands. Preparation includes breakfast and lunch each day. This package does not include the cost of food or drinks. If you’d like your hostess to do the grocery shopping, and have your boat stocked with food and drinks when you arrive, be sure to ask about our “Stock the Yacht” package. Keep in mind that your hostess will need to sleep in one of the beds on the yacht – though we do have a Captain/Hostess team that are married, so they can share a cabin if they are available during your trip.

Price: €1,200 per week


We’ll handle the grocery shopping in Athens so your food and drinks are onboard when you arrive. We’ll work with you to make sure you have everything you’d like for breakfasts and lunches aboard the yacht.

If you’ve hired a hostess, they’ll prepare your breakfasts and lunches using the pre-purchased groceries. If you’d rather prepare the meals yourself, we can still do the grocery shopping for you, and have everything ready when you get to the marina.

Before the trip, we’ll coordinate with you to customize your food and drinks based on your preferences and any dietary restrictions. All food, ingredients, snacks, coffee, juices, water, soft drinks, beer, and local Greek wine are included. Liquor and high-end wine can be included for an additional fee.

Availability may be limited based on trip dates.

Price: Contact us for prices


A paddle board is great for exploring the coves you’ll stop in for lunch every day.

Price: €200 per week


We include 2GB of complimentary data on all of our charters, however you can always purchase more during your trip. That being said, 2GB can be used up fairly quickly if you plan on sending a lot of photos, streaming video, or checking email with large attachments – so, we offer the opportunity to pre-purchase additional data before your trip.

Onboard Wifi is made possible via a 4G hotspot that connects to the local cell networks. There will be cell coverage throughout your trip – even while sailing between islands. The only exceptions are a few secluded beaches/coves where the mountains can hinder connections. The speed is equivalent to what you’d experience in the U.S. on a 3G or 4G network.

If you’d rather not pre-purchase additional data (or if you run out unexpectedly), you can always purchase more during your trip. Most markets on the islands sell data in 2GB increments for €10-20. You’ll actually be buying an access code, which you’ll enter online to refill the yacht’s hotspot. The captain can help with where and how to purchase them.

We strongly recommend turning off automatic software and app updates, and automatic email attachment downloads – these tend to use up data very quickly.

Price: First 2GB Free, €15 per additional 2GB


A driver will pick you up in the airport and drive your group from the airport to the marina to meet your captain. We can arrange transportation for groups of any size.

There are several ways to get to the marina including Uber, a taxi, or the train. You can read more about those options here.

Your driver will meet you in the arrivals area of the Athens airport. You’ll have time to gather your luggage and grab a frappé before getting on the road. Price will be determined based on the size of your group and, therefore, the type and number of vehicles needed.

Price: TBD

We rented Stand Up Paddleboards for the week which were great for checking out the quiet coves and bays where we'd anchor for hours each midday.
Playhard505TripAdvisor Review
Having a hostess is definitely worth the investment, what they could do with three burners and a tiny oven on a rocking boat is something akin to magic. I swear I didn't have a meal at a restaurant as good as what we ate on the boat.
Lizz HTripAdvisor Review
Mary, our gracious host, was also one of the most amazing cooks I have ever encountered. Some of the meals she prepared were easily some of the best of the trip and our group is still talking about how we looked forward to her meals each and every day.
Kelly GTripAdvisor Review