photo by Roman klementschitz
photo by Roman klementschitz

“Marvelous things happen to one in Greece – marvelous good things which can happen to one nowhere else on earth….Greece is still a sacred precinct – and my belief is it will remain so until the end of time.”

-Henry Miller (The Colossus of Maroussi)

One of the hidden gems of the Cyclades is a small strip of white sandy beach dividing two crystal clear coves. Lounging on your yacht with a cup of coffee you can look around and imagine the setting has changed very little from Ancient Greece.  The lone structure is a small taverna built into the rugged hillside. Located a long drive along a dirt road from town, this is the only restaurant for miles; however it’s well worth visiting this remote establishment. Almost all of the ingredients are sourced from farms or islands nearby ensuring the freshest lamb, feta, and vegetables that you’ve ever tasted.

You can spend the late afternoon relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, swimming, or even exploring the nearby shore where you’ll find a natural hot spring. After a quick shower you can enjoy an evening drink on your boat as the sun sets creating a kaleidoscope of oranges, blues, and pinks. When you’re ready to eat you will board the motorized dinghy for a dinner you’ll never forget. As you sit down we recommend ordering carafes of wine for the table and then consulting with your captain (the menu is only in Greek) to determine what to order (family style is recommended). You’ll feel like royalty as the server brings over plate after plate of lamb, beef, fresh fish, Greek salads, local cheeses, etc. You’ll spend the evening sitting outside with family and/or friends eating and drinking and enjoying the view of the cove majestically illuminated by the stars and moon.

After dinner and paying the check (which, stunningly, is usually only around €10-20 per person!) you’ll head back to the dinghy and depart the beach. Back on the boat, floating in this majestic, unique and remote corner of the mediterranean, you’ll find yourself seduced by the charm of the Greek islands .  Finish the evening off with a night cap with some friends, playing cards, relaxing with a good book, or possibly a midnight swim for the more adventurous. We can guarantee this will be a night you won’t soon forget.