In New York Times Magazine,  Lawrence Osborne writes a fantastic article depicting the beauty and charm of the Greek island, Hydra.  Hydra has long been a haven for artists around the world, including the likes of Henry Miller and Leonard Cohen.

“Only 2,000 people live here year-round, but in the summer it’s quite a scene. It’s one of the most haunting of the Greek islands. Outside of this port, it is virtually wild.”

Mr. Osborne goes on to list a number of modern painters, poets, sculptors and writers that call Hydra home.  The article describes the long and interesting history of this beautiful island in the Saronic, touching on it’s rise as a maritime power during the Ottoman Empire as well as the rise and fall of it’s sponge industry.

“Every day I wandered down to the harbor and sat at the Pirate Bar and drank ouzo with the grizzled fishermen and watched the international crowd step off yachts as if entering a playground”

It also details Hydra’s stature as a meeting point for many of the influential members of the international art world.  We highly recommend you head over to the nytimes website and read the entire article.  Hydra is one of our favorite islands in all of Greece and one of the featured islands on our Saronic Gulf route.  Book a catamaran trip there today!