Spending a week island-hopping in the Greek isles aboard a private catamaran is the trip of a lifetime….but why stop there?  Many of our clients ask about extending their trips by spending a few nights in Santorini or Mykonos.  If you have a few extra days, we highly recommend this. Both islands can be reached fairly inexpensively from Athens via either a short flight or a ferry. Planning this can seem a bit daunting, but at Greek Seas, we have the expertise and connections to make this process incredibly simple.  We’re happy to recommend and/or book an amazing hotel in your price range.  We’ll also work with you on the transportation to figure out what works best.

Here is a breakdown of the ferry/flying times and costs to give you an idea of travel times and a budget.  Please note that costs can vary depending on seasons.

Athens – Mykonos

Transportation Type Trip Time Cost (per person)
Slow Ferry 4-5 hours €25-30
Fast Ferry 2 hours €50-60
Flight 35 minutes €75-150

Athens – Santorini

Transportation Type Trip Time Cost (per person)
Slow Ferry 8 hours €35-40
Fast Ferry 5.5 hours €60-70
Flight 45 minutes €75-150

Santorini – Mykonos

Transportation Type Trip Time Cost (per person)
Fast Ferry 2.5 hours €50-60

Contact us for more information on visiting Santorini and Mykonos.

Some additional useful information: 

-Mykonos is a port of call on our Cyclades route, but it is important to note that this is dependent on winds.  It is sometimes the case that the winds are too strong and the water is too choppy to sail to Mykonos.  This is ultimately the captains decision, since his number one priority is your comfort and safety.

-We do offer a one way charter from Mykonos to Athens.  This charter has limited availability, so inquire today.

-Because of their popularity and international notoriety these islands are far more expensive than many of the smaller, lesser known Greek islands that you will visit on your charter, so budget accordingly.

-You can end or begin your trips at either of these islands which both have multiple flight options into and out of their airports.