In light of the developing financial and monetary issues facing Greece, we wanted to reassure our clients that Greek Seas will continue to operate as usual and that your charter sailing vacation will not be affected.   Since we are a US based company we are able to continue to operate in ways other companies in Greece may not as a result of the bank closures.  We have plans in place to ensure that our business will not be interrupted regardless of the outcome of the referendum or in the instance of Greece exiting the Euro.

Greece is still very safe for travel and it is important to note that the islands are essentially their own tourist-based, micro-economies that have largely not been affected by this crisis so far.   Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Updated June 30th:

Here is a statement just released by the Greek Ministry of Tourism:

“Τhe Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism would like inform visitors to Greece that capital controls introduced by the Greek Government do not apply to those wishing to withdraw money from an ATM or carry out any other type of transactions using credit or debit cards issued abroad.

Moreover, the Ministry does not anticipate any disruptions in visitor’s every day holiday experience, neither in the islands nor in mainland Greece, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services.

Greece continues to guarantee the highest quality of tourism services to its visitors, who have ranked Greece as one of the best destinations worldwide.

The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Mrs Elena Kountoura, as a member of the Greek Government, said that Greece still is and will always be a favourite destination for holidaymakers. Visitors currently in Greece as well as people planning to visit Greece will not be affected by the latest developments and they can continue to enjoy their holidays in Greece without any problems whatsoever”.